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As an FYI, the meeting location for both the General and Board meetings have been changed. We are now meeting at the Presbyterian church located at: 1517 south 114th S (basically 114th and south of Pacific St). The meetings will still start at 7pm, and the last meetings for 2016 will be Friday, November 18th. The next meetings will be held in January 2017, and the events calendar will be updated to reflect these meetings.

Omahawks® RC Inc. welcomes you to enjoy the exciting hobby of radio controlled model aviation with us. Located in Omaha, Nebraska, our club members enjoy the fact we maintain one of the most prestigious radio controlled model aviation fields in the United States. In fact, the Omahawks® R/C Club is Omaha's premier radio controlled club and we are the largest AMA Chartered R/C club in the entire Midwest!

Regardless of your flying experience, we hope you will join the Omahawks and enjoy the hobby of model aviation with us!

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Omaha, Nebraska
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Join the Omahawks RC Club today and begin having fun in one of the most enjoyable hobbies available. You will get a chance to meet other's with your same interests in flying remote control airplanes, helicopters, sail planes, park flyers, and more. Be a part of monthly club meetings, well attended fun flies, fun events throughout the year, and more.

We are having fun and hope you will join us.


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Established November 28, 1953
Omaha, Nebraska, USA
AMA Charter Club #4736 Est. 2007

Events Calendar
(Next 45 days)

  Event Date
General Meeting  4/28/2017 
Business Meeting  5/16/2017 
General Meeting  5/26/2017 

Events Calendar Events Calendar


Membership Meeting:
Friday, 4/28/2017

Business Meeting:
Wednesday, 5/16/2017

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